Online advertising is a major focal point for companies today, serving every stage of the marketing funnel. In fact, the global digital ad spend is expected to reach over $375 billion this year according to eMarketer, and as shoppers around the world grow accustomed to researching and shopping a variety of items online, this vertical continues to take over and transform the advertising world as we know it. Within the online ad segment, we find the key subcategory of display ads. Google’s Display Ad Network has already managed to reach approximately 90% of all internet users and out of the $70 billion that marketers are expected to add to their digital advertising budget this year, researchers estimate that a great deal will be invested in social display ads and video display ads. 

Augmented importance 

One segment of digital advertising that has been experiencing great success over the past few years is Augmented Reality (AR). AR brings potential customers right into the shopping experience and allows them to almost feel the product. It shortens the marketing funnel, provides critical information early on in the customer journey and has a strong impact on the decision-making process. It’s no surprise to see that this vertical is expected to reach 3.5 billion users by 2022 and that nine out of ten brands and half of media agency executives believe in AR advertising and plan to invest a hefty sum in it in the upcoming years. 

Companies that were quick to embrace AR advertising can already share their success stories with others. Ashley Furniture, for example, managed to exceed its CTR benchmarks by two times

Finally, this state of mind didn’t go unnoticed by tech companies that understand the importance of AR in marketing and advertising. Tech giants like Snapchat and Facebook have been promoting and advancing their dedicated AR advertising capabilities.  

A new immersive experience

Another important tech leader currently focused on AR advertising is no other than Google. The company recently announced a new program that enables brands with 3D assets to create a Swirl ad unit with the Google Web Designer and the new editor that Google will be launching for its 3D platform, Poly. Brands will find it easier to create and publish immersive ads using the new platforms. This isn’t the first time Google includes AR ads in its offering, but the company is most certainly expanding its adoption of the technology and what it can offer others. 

We’re not only excited to see such a vote of confidence in the technology we admire and develop, but are also thrilled to be part of this revolutionary program, helping brands bring their ads to life. 

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