Hexa, creators of the world’s first immersive OS and Treedis, the industry's leading platform for transforming physical spaces into virtual experiences, announced a partnership to enhance the 3D experience by bringing organic 3D participation to virtual commerce. 

With both the Hexa 3D visualization platform and Treedis’s cutting-edge solution, physical spaces can transform into virtual experiences. While exploring the virtual experience built by Treedis, users can point and click on a product to enable an immersive 3D view, and also receive the option to see the product in their room. And to make their journey complete, Treedis V-Commerce solution allows customers to add products directly to their shopping cart right from the virtual shopping space. 

"We’re thrilled to partner with Treedis because it reinforces our commitment to deliver an enhanced virtual shopping experience that will bring impactful value to clients, embedding our 3D viewer into a virtual shopping experience is an organic extension and one that allows shoppers to explore products in detail and purchase them while remaining in a virtual space." - Gavin Goodvach, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Hexa.

“Our goal at Treedis is to build the future of 3D experiences through the development of new technologies in the Metaverse,” said Omer Shamay, CEO and co-founder of Treedis. “By implementing Hexa’s augmented reality technology into our solutions, we’re able to bring products to life through 3D models by placing and viewing them in their intended environment.”

Companies interested in learning how they can leverage Hexa and Treedis should email marketing@hexa3d.io.

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