Problems may occur when brands provide 3D assets that were created using different platforms and expect retailers to present them using a single viewer that digests the content and forms a unified version of it. With different 3D technologies that keep changing and advancing, the end result’s quality might fail to meet expectations, even if the brand worked hard to provide the best 3D visuals. It may be OK for the same song to sound slightly different depending on the listener’s sound system, but images must offer a unified look, no matter which monitor they’re displayed on. 

3D viewers need to be flexible and support a variety of technologies in order to work with different brands. Not all viewers can handle certain technologies, and so a new way of approaching this issue is needed.

The easiest solution is the most difficult task: building your own viewer

If you haven’t created your own 3D viewer to support all types of assets, we suggest using a readymade solution that will require far less work on your end and can provide a strong enough starting point. We recommend using the Model Viewer by Google, which may not offer perfect fidelity, but is regularly updated by one of the leading tech companies in the world and offers high fidelity and strong problem-solving capabilities, as well as support for hundreds of thousands of products. Chances are you’ll need nothing more. 

Already working on your own viewer? Make it flexible 

You can enhance your viewer’s ability to support different types of assets and 3D technologies by building an adjustment program to fine-tune 3D visuals for a top-quality, unified look and performance. Work with 3D artists to combine their skills with your adjustment technology and make the required subtle visual changes. 

If the idea of building yet another program and hiring the right talent to do the work seems overwhelming (especially when you think about doing all of the above at scale), we’re here to offer all the practical support you need. Companies in our industry offer both a top-notch auto-adjust program, as well as the 3D talent pool of your dreams. Our 3D artists will change the lighting, shade, positioning, color, glossiness, and any other element of every asset to make sure it meets the highest standards and represent the real-life version of the product in the best way possible. The result would be a much smaller investment on your part and superior results for you, the brands or retailers you work with, and the end customer. 

In the near future, eCommerce websites will rely more and more on brands and manufacturers to provide them with visual content that best represents their products, which very much includes 3D assets. Brands are right to take this responsibility seriously and invest a great deal of effort in creating the best 2D and 3D content, in order to boost their sales, promote their brand, and strengthen the relationship with resellers. 

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